About Us - Mission & Vision

Smartify Health®

is the culmination of a lifetime's passion of a team of technology and healthcare experts to elevate the reach and power of healthcare through AI & IoT.
Smartify Health's visionary goal of harnessing new-wave technologies such as IoT and AI to expand the realms of care delivery focuses on three specific goals:

timely IOT based patient care solution

Deliver timely and pertinent care to the elderly population in senior living homes : The focus is not only on providing care in case of illnesses but also on monitoring and enabling the well-being of the elderly population to ensure that they enjoy the benefits of a safe and people-friendly environment.

IOT enabled inpatient monitoring

Support hospitals in overcoming operational hurdles through IoT-enabled solutions : Simple yet powerful solutions, such as Smart IV and in-patient monitoring, simplify care delivery to patients and ease out the day-to-day complications of the hospital staff.

IOT based home care solution

Ensure continuity in care when the patient or aged resident is cared at home through home care : IoT solutions facilitate providing a consistent quality of care anytime from anywhere to all patients, whether they are patients or recuperating post treatment at their homes. This solution makes healthcare facilities easily accessible to the patient and makes options of monitoring and treatment available for the care provider.

The common element across the three focal areas is the ability to achieve a symbiotic association between IoT and healthcare in all possible areas. This capability is the foundation of Smartify Health's work approach.

Smartify Health Vision


To harness the new wave technologies to make life easier, safer & healthier.

Smartify Health Mission


To help Senior Living homes provide safe and people friendly environment. To help hospitals provide patient & staff friendly and safe environment. To help the elderly living in their homes, live a safer, healthier and longer life.

Smartify Health Team


Smartify Health® has been promoted by professionals and entrepreneurs with 50+ years of combined experience in harnessing healthcare technology.

Smartify Health IoT Lab


Smartify Health® owns an IoT lab with extensive facilities for experimenting with various sensors and IoT platforms such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, as well as technologies including frameworks such Node.js, hardware such Arduino and Raspberry Pie, and protocols such as MQTT and HL7.