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Smart Care Room for Senior Living

senior living community homes

Senior Living Community Homes

Elders in senior living community home require continuous vigil to monitor their health and their critical health parameters. This humungous task requires considerable resources, but AI & IoT bring a ray of hope through its remote health monitoring, real time location systems and similar alert systems, enabling an independent and secure life for elders.

assisted living home care solution

Assisted Living / Managed Care

Assisted living services supporting elderly people at home are the desperate need of the hour. Equally important is the demand for managed care services such as monitoring wellness and post-operative or treatment care. With IoT enabling remote care through health sensors and real time location systems these requirements can easily be met without the care provider having to constantly shadow the patient.

IOT home care solution

Home Care

Supportive care provided by professional care providers at home has two crucial elements - supporting patients in their activities of daily living and constant review of their health to avoid unnecessary admission to the hospital such that they can continue to live comfortably in their homes. IoT is incredibly valuable in this scenario, with its connected devices allow constant monitoring of vital parameters with immediate alerts as required.

SmartiFy Health
IOT enabled home care solution

What we do?

With the help of SNOTH, our proprietary IoT Care platform with inbuilt RTLS and GPS, wearables & devices designed specifically for senior citizens and caregivers we monitor the parameters related to health and wellness of residents and sent proactive notifications to appropriate caregivers, nurses, treating doctors to reduce hospitalization.

While the focus is on wellness & safety of residents, we also completely automate the workflows between

Residents & Caregivers
Caregivers as peers
Care home managers to Caregivers

Smartify Health Smart Care Band

Smart Care Band

A simple wristband for elderly enabling real-time communication and monitoring

Smartify Health Smart Care Mobile App

Smart Care (Mobile App)

The easy-to-access app constantly connects the caregiver to the elderly enabling data-enabled care provision

Smartify Health Smart Access Control

Smart Access Control

Access control is placed at the doorways so it can monitor the movements and anomalies of elderly residents and provide instant alerts

Smartify Health Smart Care Bed

Smart Care Bed

The smart bed includes sensors that monitor the elderly person’s sleeping pattern and sends instant alerts in case of any deviation

Smartify Health Smart Hand Hygiene

Smart Hand Hygiene

The smart hand hygiene reminds care givers as they enter the elderly patient’s room to care for the person to sterilize their hands

Smartify Health Smart Gate Monitor

Smart Gate Monitor

Real-time alerts and updates on wander-prone resident movements across the premises gates and between select areas of the facility. Gracefully manage residents who are at risk of an elopement or might wander into unsafe areas.

SmartiFy Health
Benefits of Smart Devices


Senior Residents
(living in care homes)

Enhanced Safety
Sustained Wellness
Improved Independence

Care Home

Improved Occupancy Rate
Improved bottom line
Significantly enhance caregivers’ productivity


Ease in managing calls
Reduce burnout
Proactive assistance to residents

Care Home Manager

Enhanced Resident Experience
Competent Staff Management
Efficient Call Escalation Management

SmartiFy Health
Smartify Health Smart Devices Value Proposition

Value proposition

Device features scalable by 100x Device features scalable by 100x
Improved workflow automation by 70x Improved workflow automation by 70x
Reduced implementation cycle by 60% Reduced implementation cycle by 60%
Quality Product at 30% lower pricing Quality Product at 30% lower pricing
Total Cost of Ownership reduced by 50% Total Cost of Ownership reduced by 50%
Improved time to service by 50% Improved time to service by 50%