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What's the Smart Living Leadership blog all about?

Many spectacular innovations stay stagnant as just interesting ideas for want of nurturing. Yes, brilliant ideas indeed require productive platforms to expand into revolutionary innovations. These platforms share great ideas, ingenious theories, and potential game changers that shape concepts into definite road maps and inspire transformations across all walks of life.

Smart Living Leadership is such a forum that provides thought leadership and inspiration regarding the application of new technologies such as AI and IoT to healthcare. This forum includes articles and thoughts from industry leaders, latest stories of the healthcare technology world, point of view commentaries, and many other content formats that challenge your healthcare tech thoughts.

We welcome inspiring thinkers and writers with expertise in healthcare technology to contribute content that addresses many of the key current and future business challenges faced by healthcare community and its stakeholders.

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world ageing population trend

8 Internet of Things (IoT) Communication Protocols You Should be Aware Of

Thursday, March 23, 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) is fast turning out to be one of the most disruptive innovations of all times, transforming almost every aspect of everyday living. In its endeavor to make the world a "smarter" place, IoT is revolutionizing work, home, care, entertainment, and all other realms of life - from smart homes and cities to smart care and smart transport.
IoT facilitates almost all the “things” around us to communicate with each other using the “Internet”. Hence, at the core of IoT is its ability to connect devices to each other through networks and communicate, which involves establishing a comprehensive and structured communication protocol.

world ageing population trend

At the Verge of a Global Revolution - The Looming Threat of a Rapidly Ageing Population

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 The world is poised at the edge of a social revolution with the elderly population at the center of a tremendous transformation. With the world ageing at an alarmingly rapid rate, the elderly population is fast becoming a force to reckon with. Increasing life expectancy coupled with steadily decreasing birth rates has resulted in the current trend of countries looking at a distinctly significant ageing population.